Issue 005

Issue 005

18 January 2022


Nude Beach Etiquette

True Story

When I go to a nude beach I don’t mind if the women look. I do the same thing. But when they point and laugh my feelings are hurt!


Every place and every situation has its own etiquette. Be polite. Be kind. Be compassionate.


Reduce Interest Expense

If you have a lot of credit card debt, watch for special offers of “interest free balance transfers.” There is almost always a transfer charge. Usually 3% to 5%. But that’s still much lower than the interest rates on your other credit cards. Some individuals have reported saving over $1000 over period of a few years!

If you can afford the higher monthly payment, then a 15 year house mortgage instead of a 30 year house mortgage can reduce your total interest cost by thousands of dollars.



Many people report significant health improvement after adding over the counter vitamin supplements to their diet. Research what is best for YOUR body. Then review this with a medical professional. Better yet, with more than one.



Man is a combination of body, mind, and spirit. They are intertwined and interact. Similar to the organs of a physical body. Hence the old saying: A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Man is shaped by BOTH internal genetic factors and external environmental factors.

Any system that ignores these facts is doomed to fail. The result is great suffering for both the individual and society as a whole.


Many legal systems have nothing to do with justice, common sense or public good. They are based on abstract concepts and a materialistic world-view.


Learn through Experience

Theory + Experience = Proficiency

First Step :

Understand the theory.

Second Step:

Field-test the theory.

Third Step:

Learn through actual experience. Achieve concrete results in the real world!


Life in the Underground

True Story

A (non-violent!) resistance movement is outlawed and suppressed. Free speech is punished as a thought crime. Many of its leaders have been imprisoned more than once. Some live in exile.

Occasionally one of them risks yet another imprisonment by returning and working in the underground. All sensitive information must be memorized. The most important physical items like cash and passport(s) must be carried on his person. Not in luggage.

After the border-crossing his presence in the country will soon be detected by the political police. Every day counts. Constant movement. No sleep for days on end. Clear and concise communication.

Sometimes a promising cadre accompanies him. Both as assistant and trainee. The organizational and training skills acquired in the field are invaluable for both instructor and trainee.

Even government-financed professionals cannot destroy these underfinanced amateurs.

Decades pass. Each generation replaces the previous one. And is eventually replaced by the next. No matter!

The fight goes on!


The Difference between a Prostitute and a Politician

A PROSTITUTE costs a SMALL amount of money for a SHORT period of intensive PLEASURE.

A POLITICIAN costs a LARGE amount of money for a LONG period of intense PAIN.

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