Issue 006

Issue 006

25 January 2022


Urine Test


An elderly gentleman walking on a nature trail spots a dog relieving itself on a trash bin. He turns to the dog and says:

Be careful who or what you piss on. You could get them pissed off!

The dog’s only reaction is a confused look. It doesn’t realize this comment was triggered by an actual unpleasant incident involving this elderly gentleman and an equally elderly, now deceased, cat.


Priority Reversal

In a healthy society:

Money is just a tool that serves the economy. The economy serves the people.

In an unhealthy society:

The people are just a tool that serves the economy. The economy serves money.


Learn and Teach

If you want to LEARN:

Keep your mouth shut. Listen!

If you want to TEACH:

Open your mouth. Talk!

In BOTH situations:

Keep your ears and MIND open!

Better Yet:

Listen + Talk + Observe + Act + Communicate + Interact


Research Tip

Ask the same question to SEVERAL different experts. (Be careful of your precise wording.)

Sometimes half will say one thing. And half will say the exact opposite!

Analyze apparent discrepancies or inconsistences. Do NOT simply presume ulterior motives are the cause.

WHY is just as important as WHAT. Sometimes more important.

Children know this. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is so much easier for children to learn than adults.


The Right Tool Box

Imagine the following scenario:

A group of neighbors shows up for a barn-raising.

All twenty men have brought a saw. Nobody has brought a hammer.


Because the hammer is “old-fashioned” and “primitive.”

Of course, this particular scenario is extremely unlikely. But it has plenty of counterparts in our modern high tech world!


Modern Tragedy

Young people sitting on a bus are all “texting” the same thing: I am lonely!

Nobody simply smiles and says HELLO to the person sitting next to him.

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