Issue 007

Issue 007

1 February 2022

Youth and Age

 Young Bull:

See those cows over there? Let’s run over there and mate with one of them.

Old Bull:

I have a better idea. Let’s WALK over there and mate with ALL of them.



Young Executive:

I hate sleep! It’s like a short patch of death.

Old Executive:

I like sleep! I can sleep longer than I can eat. I can eat longer than I can drink. And I can drink longer than I can make love.


Obstacles Exist to be Overcome


A Project Team includes people with various disabilities.

Team Member #1 is moderately to severely hearing impaired. He only hears fragments of each word. And lip reads to fill in some of the missing pieces. The rest is guesswork.

Team Member #2 is a functional autist. Brilliant mind. Hard worker. Kind heart. But sometimes exasperating.

Team Member #3 has a speech impediment. And does not think in the same language. Occasionally insomnia makes his speech downright incomprehensible. To make matters worse his hands and fingers become temporarily semi-paralyzed so he cannot even type what he is trying to say.

When a special time-sensitive project requires maximum effort they work literally 16-20 hour days for a month straight.


Better yet, each time they also improve their own skills. Both as individuals and as a team.



 What you SAY isn’t as important as what the other person HEARS!


Ethics versus Law

Ethics and law are NOT the same thing!

Sometimes they are downright opposites. Even mortal enemies.

In a healthy society this conflict is minimized. Ethics has priority over law.

In an unhealthy society this conflict is maximized. Law has priority over ethics.


A Personal Code of Ethics

My DUTY has priority over my RIGHTS.

The rights of OTHER PEOPLE have priority over MY rights.

Give the benefit of the doubt to the other person.

[Editor: Note the indefinite article A as opposed to the definite article THE.]

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