Issue 009

Issue 009

15 February 2022

Center of Universe


Exasperated Wife:

You think you’re the center of the WORLD!

Mischievous Husband:

Actually, I’m the center of the UNIVERSE.

[Editor: Technically, he only THOUGHT this. The instinct for survival (barely) triumphed over his impulse for mischief. So he kept his mouth shut. Leastwise until the next week.]

There is a deep “metaphysical” truth here! Each person – human or not – is the center of his own universe. The universe of his own perception.

Not surprisingly, we interpret things in terms of their perceived effect on us. This is why we sometimes feel that “the world is out to get us.”

In reality, most of the bad experiences in our daily life are the result of human stupidity, laziness, indifference, bureaucracy, and sheer bad luck. Not malicious intent!

Keep this in mind when dealing with the representatives of those external entities. Be they business or government.

This will increase the chance of a successful resolution of the problem!


Difficult Masters #2

[Editor: Refer issue #008.]


Dusty the Cat has decided she will NOT allow either the relocation of her toilet or its replacement with a fancier one. Not even on Christmas. Simply more proof of who is the REAL boss!


Frustrated Donor


A direct marketing professional informed his favorite charity that it was making a costly mistake. When it didn’t take his advice, he offered to donate $1000.00 so it could hire a third party to verify his claim. How did the charity respond? It said NO!


Price Too Low

Low price becomes a DISADVANTAGE when the offer is perceived as “simply too good to be true.” In this situation consider a price INCREASE.

Furthermore, price is only one factor. Quality and support become increasingly important with high ticket items.



One of the disadvantages of the Internet is the increased importance of online sales and hence credit card processing. (In the “good old days” customers simply mailed a check with their order form.)

Today the problem of demonetization is becoming more and more widespread.

Responses include diversification and shift from retail to wholesale trade. Some sales are still lost. But not enough to threaten survival.

What does not destroy me makes me stronger!

Friedrich Nietzsche



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