Issue 010

Issue 010

21 February 2022


Science versus Nature


Once upon a time there was a contest to see who was better at predicting weather:  A weatherman or a farmer!

The weatherman was allowed to observe the farmer’s animals. The farmer was allowed to watch the weatherman’s weather forecast.

The farmer won!



If all other factors are equal, then the simplest explanation tends to be right. Not always. But more often than a complicated explanation.

The ancient Romans asked: Who benefits?

Police ask: Who has motive and opportunity?

Political observers simply say: Follow the money!

Conspiracy theories tend to be complicated. Too complicated.

Of course, this does not mean that powerful special interest groups do not exist!

But there are more than one!


Mankind or People?

Some people love mankind. But do not like people as individuals.

Other people do not have a high opinion of mankind as a whole. But do like people as individuals. (They also tend to like animals.)

This difference is reflected in their ideologies. The first group tends to subordinate family and country to a global community. The second group does the opposite.

However, ideology is often just an excuse for conflict. The actual driving force is competition for resources!


Doomsday Weapon

Once upon a time the Pope forbade Christians from using a new doomsday weapon against fellow Christians. (Its use against infidels was allowed.) That weapon was the crossbow. It could penetrate a knight’s armor!

The doomsday weapon of the 20th century was the nuclear bomb.

The doomsday weapon of the 21st century appears to be man-made biological weapons. (“Artificial intelligence” or “AI” is also a candidate.)

Nonetheless, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction remains the human mind.

It is capable of both infinite stupidity and infinite inventiveness.


A Word of Caution

There is (supposedly) an old saying among mammals:

Beware of any critter that doesn’t have four legs!

Homo Sapiens Sapiens may take offense to this. Other primates do not. They know which species is actually meant. It’s not their fault they’re related. No reason for guilt. Just embarrassment!

The case is iron-clad:

Only humans have politicians!

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