Issue 012

Issue 012

7 March 2022


The Big Bang


Why is the known universe relatively FLAT? It seems the “big bang” would have produced a more SPHERICAL universe.


The “big bang” came out of nothingness. Nothingness is zero dimensional. Hence the logical progression from zero dimensional to one dimensional to two dimensional to three dimensional.

[Editor: Note term “reply” as opposed to “answer.” A reply may or may not be a correct answer.]

Observation: The galaxies are also relatively flat.


Chickens, Eggs and Creators

Two geniuses debated the existence or non-existence of God.

The first genius argued that the universe required a CREATOR.

The second genius argued that, if this is true, then the Creator would also require a Creator. And that Creator would require a Creator. And so on forever.

A third party claimed that time is essentially a measurement of the interval between events.

Therefore, time would not exist in the (presumed) “nothingness” prior to the Big Bang.

Therefore, causality as we know or perceive it would also not exist.

This reminded him of the question: What came first: The chicken or the egg?

The answer to that question: The egg. It was laid by a non-chicken.

The pre-Big Bang reality that gave birth to the known universe was akin to the non-chicken that laid the egg that became the first chicken.

This pre-Big Bang reality is beyond our understanding.

Our laws of physics do not necessarily apply there in the same way as they do here. If at all.

[Editor: Ironically, this third person had recently had an experience involving a chicken and the battle of the sexes. Although initially unpleasant, the story had a happy ending: The chicken returned home!]

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