One friend asked: Do you want to play mind games?

Another replied: Sure.

Dimension Q was conceived without physical sex. Immaculate conception. All in the mind. Mental. Spiritual.

This child is no less real than a biological child. Vast difference? Yes. Non-existent? No.

Ideas only seem to exist on a different plane or dimension. In reality, they intersect. And interact.

Here’s a description of a mind game.

Each player visits his own mind palace. Describe it to each other. Compare both similarities and dissimilarities. Better understand the thought processes of each other. And how to put them to good use.

Each mind palace is actually just one room. There are many rooms. Many universes. And they are all connected.

This is why perception changes sub-atomic particles. Thoughts change the world!

PROJECT Q seeks to mobilize brainpower and find solutions to a wide range of problems.

Actual case histories supplied by business executives and other professionals around the world provide food for thought. Seasoned with a little humor.

Team Q